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You are not alone: NIAW 2016

April is known for springtime and rain, for flowers just starting to bloom, and for baby animals arriving into the world. April brings with it Earth Day and sometimes even Easter, and is also known [...]

Luteal or Pregnant?

Luteal phase?...Am I pregnant?... It’s probably a safe bet that most women who are ready to start a family have a basic knowledge of their menstrual cycle. You might know that you have a period, for [...]

Fertility Tests (part 2)

Tracking down the source of a couple’s infertility (through fertility tests) can be a lengthy and complex process. Because there are so many factors involved in overall conception, there are also many things that could [...]

Testing and Infertility Diagnosis.

The first steps in testing can be scary, overwhelming and tough... As you may or may not be aware, when couples have been trying to get pregnant for over a year without success, they reach [...]

Fertility Drugs

We’ve talked about fertility drugs in a couple of our most recent posts about assisted reproductive treatments, though only briefly. But because fertility drugs have such a strong presence in the world of conception, they [...]


No doubt that if you’ve ever spent time thinking about assisted reproductive treatments, you’ve heard the term In Vitro Ferilization, or IVF. IVF has grown to be a pretty commonly known course of action when [...]

Assisted Reproductive Treatments: Intrauterine Insemination

No doubt if you are in the midst of conceiving (or even thinking about trying to conceive) you understand that there are many options for those who need help getting pregnant. Intrauterine Conception, In Vitro [...]

Foods and Fertility

Couples who are trying for a baby are often advised to avoid certain food items and substances while hoping to conceive- things like caffeine, alcohol, or high-mercury fish, for instance. But how often are you [...]

Fertility Myths: BUSTED!

Fertility Myths is the last thing we want to hear when actively trying to conceive, but it’s possible you’ve heard some pretty wild things to try out in order to get pregnant. You shouldn’t believe everything [...]

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