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Exercising for fertility


The Good news –Exercise and TTC

Most people know that regular physical activity is good for your health for the following proven benefits.

Weight Control – Regular physical activity helps to maintain a healthy weight. The higher the intensity of activity, the more calories and stored fat you burn. If you don’t have time to get a […]

Post-Holiday Detox

Everybody goes through holiday cookie remorse after all of the festivities have ended. All those little cookies and cakes topped off with a plethora of other holiday goodies, catch up to us. Boy do they seem to stick unfavorably, no matter what you do. The next logical step is to just say “no” to the […]

New Year, New Life

It’s 2015! Happy New Year! Now is a great time to start thinking about where you stand at the end of 2014 and think about what your goals are for this upcoming year. The usual New Year’s resolutions are things like losing weight or getting into shape, but your New Year’s resolutions can be much […]

Decoding Success Rates – Dr. Genoveva Prisacaru

Understanding Pregnancy Rates and Treatment Options

by Genoveva N. Prisacaru, M.D., FACOG

When it comes to calculating likelihood of conceiving, every scenario is different. For those struggling with fertility issues and considering options to help increase their chances, the stakes are even higher.

In general, the natural chance of pregnancy per month of ovulation depends on the […]

Happy Holidays!

A warm Happy Holidays to all from The Rinovum Family! The Holidays are a time of joy, happiness and love ;)  Did you know December 24th is the most common day to conceive? The Stork OTC could help it happen for you this holiday.

Maintaining a Cheerful Holiday

Reduce Holiday Infertility Stress

It’s the Holiday season which means it’s time for gatherings with friends and family.  What a lovely time of year!  You see your loved ones and they ask you difficult, uncomfortable questions about your personal life struggles. Suddenly, it’s not so great anymore. You feel like you’ve been hit when you’re […]

Male Fertility Products

The family planning shelf has been making room to accommodate some great products that help the other half of our equation when trying to conceive- male factor (40% is attributed to the male). Our bloggers scoured the shelves, app stores and the web for innovative products for our better half, take a look below.

Home Tests […]

Infertility: The Male Factor

What are common male factor diagnoses?



Textbook definition: Low sperm count is when the male has less than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen.


Diagnosis: To check sperm count, you need to see a doctor to do a sperm analysis. The semen sample is collected and analyzed.


What are they looking for? Your Healthcare Provider […]

Thanksgiving Recipes

Sticking to a healthy “fertility-friendly” diet is very difficult especially on thanksgiving! These recipes might just be perfect for you and they still have that yummy holiday goodness of thanksgiving. We have scoured the web for some recipes that include foods with those essential nutrients and placed them below.

Pomegranate Salad:


4 cups arugula

½ cup pomegranate seeds

3 […]

Food for Fertility

For those struggling with infertility whether you know the specific issue or you’ve been diagnosed with unexplained infertility, your ability to conceive may increase if you give your body the essential nutrients it needs to get pregnant. Important food groups for fertility are protein (in the form of grass fed meats, nuts and seeds), vegetables […]