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Fertility Issues In Men: Does Age Matter?

Age-related fertility issues are a well known source of conception difficulties. Yet for the most part, they are viewed as a women’s fertility issue. The reality is that age related fertility issues can affect a man’s ability to conceive as well as a woman’s.

Men, like women, experience a natural decline in their ability to conceive […]

Age-Related Infertility: Can It Be Overcome?

Everyone knows that fertility changes with age. Yet all too often, the information surrounding this topic is mishandled, to the point that many couples experience confusion and anxiety when thinking about this matter. If this describes you, take a deep breath – and take a few moments to explore the facts behind age related infertility […]

Male Fertility and Trak, An Interview with Sara Naab

We had the pleasure of interviewing Sara Naab recently. Sara is the Cofounder, Marketing and Quality Director at Sandstone Diagnostics, the makers of Trak. Sara and her Team have become one of the go-to sources for information on trying to conceive with male factor infertility, with their website Don’t Cook Your Balls. They are working […]

3 Ways You Can Address Low Ph Levels When Trying To Conceive

If there’s one thing that couples who are trying to get pregnant have plenty of access to, it’s information. Dozens upon dozens of websites, blogs and videos are currently available for anyone searching for tips on conceiving. But while this readily available stream of information is hugely beneficial for many, some important pieces of fertility […]

How Stress Can Impact Natural Fertility

Trying to start a family can be surprisingly tricky. Not only do couples need to time their efforts just right – they also need to consider how a range of environmental and health factors can impact their natural fertility each month. Stress, for example, is something that everyone deals with on a regular basis.

Maybe you […]

How Your Body’s pH Levels Can Affect Fertility

Few things are as frustrating for a couple as experiencing difficulty conceiving for an extended period of time. And in many cases, determining the cause of this delay is just as frustrating, as there are a wide range of factors that could be impacting your ability to start a family.

Some factors, such as diet or […]

A Short List of Trying To Conceive Reads

As Book Lover’s Month draws to a close, we are sharing a list of trying to conceive reads that have helped us through our own journeys. The list below is just a sample of the many books available today to help guide you through your journey to parenthood. Have you read any of these books?

Laughing […]

4 Facts About Fertility That People Often Forget

A little research or a visit with your doctor can quickly reveal that there is a lot to know when it comes to fertility. There’s so much to remember, in fact, that it makes sense that anyone would forget a piece of information or two about conceiving. Some things, however, aren’t worth forgetting – especially […]

6 Nutritional Recommendations For Men Trying To Conceive*

When we think about nutrition and its impact on fertility, we tend to think about the many recommendations that are given to women who want to conceive. But don’t think that you’re off the hook, gentlemen! Both men and women can suffer from diet related fertility issues, and both can increase their chances of conceiving […]

6 Nutritional Suggestions For Women Trying To Conceive

If you’re ready to start a family, you’ve probably already begun to look into ways to increase your chances of getting pregnant – or even begun to wonder what sorts of fertility issues you may need to overcome. Before you worry any longer, it’s important to remember that your fertility depends on a range of […]

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