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Encouraging quotes of hope.

We want to thank all of the people who participated in our first raffle, specially with  their encouraging quotes of hope.
You are awesome! and because of that, we want to continue to have a raffle every time we reach one hundred new Instagram followers.
So follow us! , the fastest we reach that number, the more opportunities […]

Sperm-Friendly Lubricants For Couples Trying to Conceive

The process of making a baby is a rigorous and complex one – especially since there are so many factors involved in reproduction. When couples start to experience difficulty conceiving, they are likely bombarded with a slew of concerns: Are we infertile? Do we need a conception aid? Do we need to track ovulation or […]

3 Ways to Handle the Emotional Strain of Infertility

For couples who have trouble getting pregnant, there is a lot more to the process of conceiving than diagnosing conditions and shopping for fertility options. In addition to the physical challenges of trying to make a baby, couples will often find themselves confronting a range of emotions throughout the process. Understandably, as time passes without […]

It Takes Two – Factors that Affect Fertility in Men

It takes two to do a lot of things – to tango, to quarrel, to make a bargain. As you may well know, it also takes two to make a baby. Since women must track their ovulation cycles – among other things – when trying to get pregnant, it’s easy to feel like the process […]

Don’t Sacrifice the Romance – How Cervical Cap Insemination Can Help!

When couples first come to terms with infertility or subfertility, even the sheer thought of seeking help can zap the romance right out of trying for a baby. And since there are so many places to start, it can quickly become even less romantic once these couples start to research their options. Because there are […]

What Sets The Stork OTC Apart

When you hear the term “cervical cap,” you might immediately think of contraception. The first rubber version of the cap was developed by a German gynecologist in 1838, and it has since helped many women avoid getting pregnant.

BUT did you know a version of a cervical cap can also help women and couples who are […]

From Ejaculation To Conception: How The Stork OTC Can Help

When it comes to fertility, there are a LOT of factors that can affect how easily couples conceive, including how well the reproductive systems of both partners are functioning. Unfortunately, due to both the complexity of reproductive health and the many factors that affect it, it can be extremely frustrating for a couple who has […]

Fertility & Ovulation Tracking: Is There An App For That

How many times a day do you open an app on your phone or tablet? Quite often, we bet! Apps have become a handy go-to for a wide range of functions, from connecting with others to sharing photos to storing important information. And of course, with so many apps available to address such a wide […]

Deciphering Ovulation: Common Questions About Ovulation Tests

For women who are actively trying to get pregnant, understanding the difference between the many ovulation tracking methods available for use can feel daunting and confusing. Between the number of tracking methods that are recommended, the supplementary tools that go with them, and the complicated nature of each woman’s reproductive system, it’s a challenge to […]

Happy Thanksgiving

There are so many things to be grateful for… Today we are taking a break from our regular blogging to reflect what is in the heart of The Stork OTC.
Behind our product, we are a team of individuals with dreams and struggles, and today we want to remember and openly give thanks for our blessings.

Steve, […]

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