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Yeast Infections

Many women will experience some type of vaginal infection in their life. You feel an irritation, an itching, and you’re tempted to squirm and scratch until you’ve relieved the itch. While the feeling certainly isn’t [...]

Can zinc improve male fertility?

Every year, researchers work to gain a more complete understanding of the complicated biological mechanisms behind male factor infertility. Male fertility is influenced by a wide range of factors, both environmental and genetic. Learning more [...]

Male Infertility 101

There seems to be a misconception that infertility is always the result of a problem with the woman and her reproductive system. In reality, 1/3 of fertility struggles can be attributed to the woman, 1/3 [...]

Anatomy of a Sperm

Sperm are essential to the reproductive function. The purpose of the male reproductive system is threefold: to create, maintain, and deliver sperm and semen (the protective fluid); to discharge sperm; and to produce male hormones [...]

The state of fertility in 2018: Know your options

Millions of couples across the United States have struggled to conceive. In fact, about 12% of women have received infertility services in their lifetime, according to the CDC. Fortunately, the public perception of infertility has [...]

Taking Time Off from Trying to Conceive

Spending months or years trying to conceive can take a physical, mental, and certainly emotional toll on a person. With all that time dedicated to attempting to have a baby, are you focusing on you? [...]

Managing Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

It is estimated that around 5 million women in the United States suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome every year. PCOS is caused by an imbalance of hormones and is the most common hormone abnormality in [...]

Tubal Infertility and Treatment Options

Approximately 10% of women in the United States, aged 15-44, will have trouble conceiving or staying pregnant, in their lifetime. Around 20-25% of those cases will result from tubal infertility. In some cases, tubal infertility [...]

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