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Exercising and Eating Well

Two of the most popular new year's resolutions are, unsurprisingly, to exercise more and eating healthier. In true new year fashion, many of the people who make these resolutions are focused on an extreme change [...]

Can Natural Supplements Aid Fertility?

Throughout human history, people have relied on natural remedies to treat health issues, including fertility problems. In many cases, science cannot replicate the results. Even today, companies offer supplements that they claim work in new [...]

Sex Life And Trying To Conceive

When you first start trying to conceive, sex can feel fun and adventurous. You’re embarking on a new journey together and a sense of excitement surrounds it. But if conception doesn’t happen as quickly as [...]

Vitamins & Their Role In Fertility

You’re eating right and getting just the right amount of exercise. You know that if you treat your body well, you can increase your chances of becoming pregnant. And you’re taking your daily multivitamin because you [...]

5 Ways to Detox your Life When Trying To Conceive

"Detox", when most people hear the word, they cringe. Only cold-pressed juice for 3 days? Hot water and cayenne pepper every morning? No, thanks. Despite the fact that these detox trends are constantly gaining popularity [...]

Sleep and Fertility

No one enjoys missing out on sleep. A poor night’s rest leaves you feeling tired, maybe a little grumpy. But it won’t just bring down your mood - missing sleep can also cause fertility issues. [...]

Sex To Maximize Fertility

You’ve been tracking your ovulation - whether with tests for luteinizing hormone, basal body temperature, or cervical mucus - and you have a good idea when you are most fertile. Now it’s time to think [...]

Cervical Mucus And Your Fertility

Cervical mucus is a fluid produced by glands in the cervix that plays an important role in fertility in women. The mucus contains electrolytes, proteins, and trace minerals like zinc. The exact makeup of cervical [...]

Cervical Health Awareness Month

January is Cervical Health Awareness Month - so if you see teal and white ribbons this time of year, they are intended to raise awareness of cervical cancer and cervical health in general. If you [...]

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