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Cervical Mucus And Your Fertility

Cervical mucus is a fluid produced by glands in the cervix that plays an important role in fertility in women. The mucus contains electrolytes, proteins, and trace minerals like zinc. The exact makeup of cervical [...]

Cervical Health Awareness Month

January is Cervical Health Awareness Month - so if you see teal and white ribbons this time of year, they are intended to raise awareness of cervical cancer and cervical health in general. If you [...]

Basics of the Cervix

We all know about the role that a woman’s ovaries, Fallopian tubes, and uterus play in her fertility. But one part of the woman’s reproductive system that isn’t talked about as much is the cervix. [...]

Structural Causes Of Infertility

Structural What?... Fertility issues can arise in many ways. Problems with ovulation mean that eggs do not develop correctly or on time. Chemicals or even stress can cause hormone imbalances. And then there are physical problems [...]

Let’s Talk About Hormones

Probably from the time you were a teenager, you’ve heard people blame everything from acne to mood swings on “hormones.” These chemicals play a big role in many intricate processes in the body, making it [...]

Don’t be quiet

There are many taboos that women face. From menstruation to menopause, women are expected to keep quiet about their experiences. When it comes to fertility, this expectation is no different. Of course, there are some [...]

Gift Guide

The holidays are here and, for couples who are trying to conceive, this can be a bittersweet time. It can also be challenging for those who love them. You want to give a gift that [...]

Holidays and Infertility

Trying to conceive is probably one of the most challenging things you’ll ever do. It can be emotionally and physically exhausting, depending on how long you’ve been trying to get pregnant. Add the chaos of [...]

Pregnant or PMS?

When you’re trying to conceive, waiting to find out if you’re pregnant can feel like torture. Throw in Mother Nature’s way of making early pregnancy symptoms eerily similar to the signs that your period is [...]

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