Happy St. Patrick’s day! Check out our 7 Super Green St. Patrick’s Day Recipes. (Great if you are trying to get lucky conceiving)

Artichoke and Spinach Dip


1 cup cottage cheese

½ cup Sour cream

¼ cup grated parmesan cheese

1 (10 oz) package of frozen spinach thawed and squeezed dry

1 can artichoke hearts, drained about 1 ½ cups

2 cloves garlic (or more to suit your preference)


Press the spinach between two plates to remove as much of the water as possible.

Whirl garlic in food processor to chop, add cottage cheese and whirl till almost smooth.

Add spinach and artichoke hearts … whirl till consistency is however chunky or smooth you like.

Add sour cream and Parmesan cheese and whirl just enough to blend.

You can then eat this as a cold dip … *OR* spoon it into ramekins or a casserole dish and bake at 350 F for approx. 15 minutes (or microwave till hot).

If baking, sprinkle a spoonful of the grated Parmesan over the top of the dish rather than mixing it all into the dip.

Makes a DELICIOUS hot dip for toasted bagel chips or pita chips!


Basil and Avocado Spread


1 avocado

½ cup fresh basil, chopped

1 clove garlic

Juice of ½ lemon

Salt and pepper to taste


Combine all ingredients in a food processor or mash in a bowl with a fork until combined. Serve immediately. If storing (up to overnight), press plastic onto the surface to avoid oxidation (browning).


Asparagus soup


1 lb fresh asparagus, tough ends removed, stalks cut into 1” pieces

2 (14.5 oz.) cans reduced-sodium chicken or veggie broth

2 bay leaves

1 cup milk

3 cornstarch

½ cup sour cream

1 tsp fresh lemon juice

½ tsp salt

¼ tsp fresh ground black pepper


In a large saucepan, combine asparagus and one can of broth. Set pan over high heat and bring to a boil. Reduce heat, partially cover and simmer 8-10 minutes, until asparagus are tender. Remove 6 asparagus tips and set aside.

In a blender or food processor, puree asparagus mixture until smooth. Return puree to pan and add remaining can of broth. Add bay leaves and bring to a simmer. Whisk together milk and cornstarch. Add milk mixture to pan and simmer until mixture thickens, about 5 minutes.

Place sour cream in a small bowl. Add a spoonful of asparagus soup and stir to heat sour cream. Add sour cream mixture to saucepan along with lemon juice, salt and pepper. Simmer 1 minute. Remove bay leaves.

Pour soup into 6 bowls and top with the 6 asparagus tips.

Garnish with ham, if desired.


Basil pesto


1 box barilla plus penne pasta (14.5 oz)

4 cloves garlic

3 wedges laughing cow cheese

6-8 oz fresh spinach leaves, stems removed or use baby spinach

½ oz grated parmesan cheese

Crushed red pepper to taste

Salt and pepper to taste


Cook the pasta according to package directions in well salted water.

While it cooks, drop the garlic cloves into the food processor while the blade is spinning to chop them. Add the cheese and all but a handful of the spinach leaves. Pulse until combined and creamy, and season to taste with red pepper, salt & freshly ground black pepper.

Cut the remaining spinach leaves into ribbons and put in the bottom of a large serving bowl. When pasta is cooked, drain and reserve 1 cup of the cooking water. Put the drained pasta on top of the spinach ribbons and add the cheese mixture. Add a bit of the pasta water as needed to achieve desired consistency of the sauce. Fold in the parmesan cheese just before serving.


Greek spinach pie


2 tsp olive oil

4 (10 oz) pkg chopped frozen spinach, thawed and squeezed dry

1 cup onions chopped finely

2 tbsp parsley, fresh, chopped

1/8 tsp ground nutmeg

8 egg whites

4 oz feta cheese crumbled

1 tbsp grated parmesan

¼ tsp salt

¼ tsp pepper

1 lb frozen phyllo dough thawed according to pkg directions


Coat a 9 x 13-inch baking pan with cooking spray.

Heat oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add spinach and onion and cook until liquid is absorbed, about 5 to 7 minutes; stir in parsley and nutmeg. Remove from heat and transfer mixture to a large bowl. Add egg whites, cheeses and salt and pepper; mix well.

Lay 1 sheet of phyllo in and up the sides of prepared pan; coat surface lightly with cooking spray. Top with 7 more sheets of phyllo, coating each layer with cooking spray. Spread spinach mixture over dough and top with 8 more sheets of dough, coating each layer with cooking spray. Roll the overhanging sides of dough into the edges of pan, forming a border.

Using a sharp knife, cut into 8 squares, almost through to the bottom, but not quite or the filling will leak. Refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Preheat oven to 375 F. Bake until crisp and golden, about 45 minutes. Let stand 5 minutes before cutting squares all the way through to the bottom.


Mashed peas and dill


2 (12 oz) bags frozen peas

2 garlic cloves sliced in half

1 ½ cups vegetable stock not salted

2/3 bunch flat leafy parsley. Leaves only about 1 ½ cups

2 tbsp lemon juice

8 mint leaves


Place the peas, garlic, and stock in a medium size saucepan over high heat. Bring to a boil and cook for two minutes. Remove from heat and add the parsley, lemon juice and mint. Puree in a blender or using an immersion blender.


Spinach Cheese Pie


10 oz frozen spinach, thawed and squeezed dry

4 oz feta cheese

8 oz cottage cheese

½ cup liquid egg substitute

1 tbsp dill weed

2tbsp dried onion


Mix all ingredients.

Spray 9 inch pie plate with nonstick spray.

Spread mixture in pie plate.

Preheat oven to 350*F.

Bake for 35 to 40 minutes until moisture disappears and the top has dappled golden spots.

Remove from oven and allow to set for 5 minutes before serving.