Pregnancy loss is hard, and after losing a pregnancy, it takes time to recover both physically and emotionally. But, with enough time and healing, many couples do eventually want to try for another baby. If you have made this decision, you probably have a few questions about what should you do to help become pregnant again after such a loss. Here are a few tips and ideas for those trying to conceive after a miscarriage.

1) Manage Stress & Depression After the Loss

Women who experience pregnancy loss can be twice as likely to suffer from depression than the average woman. Unfortunately, many medical treatments for depression can have negative effects on conception and pregnancy.

Even without major depressive symptoms, a great deal of stress comes with trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage. Scientific studies indicate that stress may contribute to up to 30% of fertility problems. The exact connection between stress and pregnancy is not fully understood, but reducing stress does seem to increase the chance of getting pregnant.

If you experience either depression or high stress levels when trying for a baby, consult your doctor and see if there are any drug-free treatments you can pursue to manage these symptoms.

2) Maintain a Healthy Diet

Any woman needs to consider what she’s eating when trying for a baby. A well-rounded diet should give you most of the vitamins and minerals you need but you should also take folic acid supplements to make sure you get enough of that important vitamin, which helps prevent birth defects.

You should also try to maintain a healthy body weight. Being too far over- or underweight can affect the hormones that regulate fertility. If you want to achieve that healthy equilibrium, engage in moderate exercise and follow a balanced diet – ideally, a diet that you’ve established with your doctor, to help ensure that it’s meeting your and your baby’s needs.

3) Talk To Your Doctor

After pregnancy loss, you may have questions about your health and ability to get pregnant again. The good news is that if you have only had one miscarriage, you have the same chance of getting pregnant that you would have normally. If you have a history of recurrent pregnancy loss, however, you should ask your doctor about tests to rule out various conditions that could cause you to miscarry again.


Choosing to try for a baby again after pregnancy loss is a significant decision, and there are resources and support out there for you to use as you restart your journey to start a family. For more tips that can help you get pregnant, Like us on Facebook and connect with us on Instagram