Rinovum® Women’s Health recently had the opportunity to debut The Stork by Rinovum Women’s Health at last week’s American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology Annual Clinical Meeting in New Orleans, LA. of 2013. We were delighted by the positive response from many of the attendees and fellow exhibitors.

Rinovum Booth


The Stork is a new, innovative, take-home conception aid to help couples with becoming pregnant. The product is designed to assist with common difficulties such as low sperm count, low sperm motility, hostile vaginal tract and timing.

The Stork contains TWO main parts: the Conceptacle and the Applicator. The Conceptacle includes a cervical cap inside of a condom-like sheath to be used during natural intercourse. The Cervical Cap is then taken out of the condom and placed into the applicator. The Stork’s secondary feature is the Applicator that allows you to insert the cervical cap comfortably, position and keeps the cap in place on the cervical os with relative ease. The process of using The Stork allows for partner inclusion without altering your daily routine.

The Stork is available with a valid prescription from your physician. To order visit www.thestorkforwomen.com.