How the Stork OTC Can Help Families Regardless of Lifestyle

We recognize that our Stork OTC Blog often focuses on couples who experience difficulty conceiving, or who simply want to increase chances of pregnancy.
Not only do we offer a product to help with these issues, but we have also cultivated a resource of information to assist on how the Stork OTC Can Help Regardless of Lifestyle to all couples on their journey to parenthood.

However, we also recognize that heterosexual couples are not the only demographic who might want a baby. It is because of this that we hope to open a dialogue and provide education for both single women and non-heterosexual couples who want to conceive. To help us start this new line of discussion, this post will cover the donor semen route of conception, and how the Stork OTC can play a part.

What’s the Deal with Donor Semen?

When it comes to obtaining donor semen, women wanting third party reproduction as a means to conceive can choose to go directly through a sperm bank (also known as a cryobank bank). They also have the option to use a fertility clinic to assist during the process. There are certainly advantages to both systems, but ultimately choosing one or the other will depend on preference.

If you find the assistance of a medical professional more appealing, then it’s recommended that you find a fertility clinic. This option will likely be much pricier, but may actually be more successful in the long run, depending on the method of insemination you choose. However, if you are hoping to keep costs to a minimum by performing the insemination at home, then you have the freedom to order donor semen directly through a sperm bank of your choice.

Though the notion of a sperm bank might sound clinical and slightly intimidating, these facilities actually provide a great resource for women choosing third-party reproduction. Many of them implement comprehensive health screenings to ensure donors are free of disease, and they also provide ample information on the entire process.

Additionally, both sperm banks and fertility clinics are adept at handling and storing donor semen so as to preserve the quality of the specimens. Many banks even have a specified set of standards they adhere to in order to maximize the number of motile sperm in each sample. Professionals will likely provide you with counsel on best practices for handling the vials of semen – but rest assured, the donor sperm will still be very much alive and have the ability to get you pregnant.

How Does the Stork OTC Play Into This?

However you decide to receive a sperm donation, if you opt for a less clinical, more comfortable insemination experience, the Stork OTC might be just the tool you need for the process. Using a cervical cap, our applicator holds the donor semen at the opening of the cervix to increase chances of fertility. It is very easy to use and can be done in the privacy of your own home.

Regardless of your sexuality or circumstance, it’s completely natural to want a baby in order to begin a family (we all want families!) . Fortunately, there are lots of options to achieve this, depending on what your goals and preferences are in the process. The Stork OTC is here to support you and help in those efforts.