The family planning shelf has been making room to accommodate some great products that help the other half of our equation when trying to conceive- male factor (40% is attributed to the male). Our bloggers scoured the shelves, app stores and the web for innovative products for our better half, take a look below.


Home Tests and Products

Micra (home sperm test)

The Micra sperm testing kit is specifically designed to check sperm count and sperm motility. It includes a 200-power microscope with an LED light, slides, solutions and sampling accessories (very similar to how the in-clinic analysis is done, however note that the most thorough type of semen analysis is done by your Healthcare Professional). Along with those items it comes with instructions on how to use the microscope and how to interpret what you see when you look into it. This allows you to see for yourself how his swimmers are doing. It claims to be 95% effective.


SpermCheck® Fertility

With SpermCheck® fertility you can test your sperm count at home. The test looks similar to a home pregnancy test. You put the sperm and solution mixture on the test and the liquid is absorbed in the paper until it reaches the test result window and if there are two lines you have 20 million sperm per ml. 20 million sperm per ml is the amount that approximately 90% of fertile men have.[1] If your result is one line then you have below that amount. One limitation to the test is that it only looks at count.



Rhythm Daddy

Rhythm daddy is an ovulation tracker so that men are aware of their partner’s cycle and can make decisions based on whether they’re actively trying to conceive or if they are tracking ovulation to prevent pregnancy.



Conceive Plus®

This FDA cleared fertility friendly personal lubricant is gentile with sperm and formulated to be isotonic. It is meant to mimic the natural fluids of the body during intercourse.



Pre-Seed is a sperm safe and glycerin free lubricant for those trying to conceive and is clinically shown to help those trying to conceive.



Pocket cell phone shield

This product protects male fertility by blocking heat, magnetic fields, and electromagnetic transmissions coming from your phone. The pocket shield goes in your pocket and then your phone goes inside the pocket shield essentially blocking the harmful fields that your phone emits and can be absorbed by your body causing damage to your fertility.


Snowballs™ (cooling underwear)

The story behind this is great and you should definitely read it on their website! This product consists of 2 pairs of underwear called snowballs and 3 cooling packs called SnowWedges. Everything including the packaging is 100% natural. The purpose is to cool testicles to increase fertility. Excessive heat could be a symptom of Varicocele, or enlarged vein in the scrotum, which constricts the passage of semen. By cooling the scrotal area you can reduce the swelling allowing easier passage for sperm.



Fertility Blend® for men

This supplement contains nutrients that have been scientifically proven to benefit male fertility according to their website. These nutrients include L-carnitine, vitamin C and E, green tea, selenium, ferulic acid, zinc, B6 and B12 and folate.


 FertilAid for Men®

FertilAid for Men is a supplement to increase sperm health. It contains L-Carnitine and antioxidants and minerals such as zinc and selenium, B vitamins, vitamins A and C. According to their website the supplement is formulated to promote reproductive wellness and to support fertility.


ProXeed Plus®

Proxeed Plus is a lemon-flavored supplement formulated to target multiple sperm functions. It is recommended that you use it for 6 months even though the website states you can see results in as little as 3 months. The essential nutrients for enhancing male fertility in this product are Zinc, folic acid, vitamin B12, Acetyl-L-carnitine, fructose and citric acid, Selenium, CoQ10, and vitamin C.