It’s 2015! Happy New Year! Now is a great time to start thinking about where you stand at the end of 2014 and think about what your goals are for this upcoming year. The usual New Year’s resolutions are things like losing weight or getting into shape, but your New Year’s resolutions can be much more life impacting if you want to improve your chances to conceive. If you have been trying naturally without success, maybe now you are looking into assisted conception. Or perhaps you have already gone through some treatments and are looking for new options. The New Year is a great time to take a step back to reassess and to explore new ways to achieve your goals.



Fertility deteriorates over time. On average, at age 35 is when a woman is more likely to start experiencing fertility issues. Men’s fertility also decreases over time. In fact, men contribute to fertility issues equally to women. 40% of fertility issues are attributed to the man and an equal 40% are attributed to the woman, while 20 % is considered unexplained.[1] These complications can include low sperm count, low motility or a less than favorable vaginal environment due to a hormonal imbalance etc. So how does a couple attempt to overcome these obstacles?



Many go through strenuous treatments like IUI or IVF which can be very costly. The average cost for one cycle of IVF is $12,400[2] and most couples will need more than one cycle. In addition to that, it’s possible to lose intimacy while trying to conceive in this manner. For those who can’t afford advanced reproductive treatments, homeopathic treatments that claim to “boost fertility” are often explored. While a homeopathic treatment might work for some, they can be difficult options to stick with.

What if there was something that could help couples who have been trying naturally and potentially those who have been paying for treatments- a way to bridge the gap between natural intercourse and assisted reproductive treatments? What if there was something that couples could use that is cost-effective maintains intimacy and aids in the process of conception?



The Stork OTC is an innovative and cost effective NEW option; FDA over-the-counter cleared for home use. This easy-to-use device provides couples with a way to use cervical cap insemination –an established conception technique in the privacy of home.

The Stork OTC is that next step option on your pathway to parenthood- after trying to conceive naturally and before having to try more extensive treatments. It can also be a new option for those who have already gone through these extensive treatments.

Let The Stork OTC help you make trying, less trying in 2015! For more information visit our website at