April is known for springtime and rain, for flowers just starting to bloom, and for baby animals arriving into the world. April brings with it Earth Day and sometimes even Easter, and is also known to many as a month of awareness for important issues, including autism and stress. But a slightly lesser known awareness initiative that also happens every April is National Infertility Awareness Week: NIAW 2016.

NIAW 2016

It takes place from April 24-30, and began originally in 1989. The movement was started as a way to educate couples about their reproductive health, and to also provide a space and community for those dealing with infertility issues.

For couples who have trouble getting pregnant, infertility can feel like an isolating and dismal world. NIAW 2016 is a way of reminding couples that support is out there. So in addition to seeking out simple solutions to dealing with the strain of infertility, keep reading to learn more about the types of help available to you:

Online Forums: Because the Internet is so easily accessible to wide audiences of people, it tends to make a perfect space for those struggling to conceive. Whether you’re more comfortable following and contributing to a Facebook page or Twitter chat, or you prefer to follow a personal blog page – the options for Internet support are seemingly endless. For even more options, check out RESOLVE’s page of resources.

In-Person Support Groups: While online conversations are certainly helpful and inspiring, sometimes they aren’t quite enough. Being in the same room with strangers or acquaintances who are dealing with the same struggles you are can be both moving and empowering. This is why couples who feel particularly isolated have the option of reaching out to in-person support groups. It’s easy to find a local group – just click here and search by state.

Therapy: As with any periods of difficult emotional strain, there is no shame in needing professional help. Therapy can be a wonderfully productive tool for both women and men who tackling infertility issues. If you do decide to seek out therapy treatments, make sure to find a counselor who has experience working with couples who have trouble getting pregnant. The complex emotions that arise out of infertility are often very specific and can require a unique understanding and approach. Make sure to choose someone who can coach you through your various options, as well as someone who’s a licensed mental health professional.

Regardless of the type of support and community you choose, know that you and your partner are not alone in your infertility issues. We here at the Stork OTC hope you find some semblance of comfort during National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW 2016) – and as always, we are here to help provide guidance and options for those having trouble getting pregnant.