Trying to conceive or want to “increase” your chances of getting pregnant? People across the globe have flocked to the below sites for decades for the opportunity to increase their chances of conception. These global sites have been known to “spark” fertility.

Japanese Fertility Sites/Festivals:

Hounen Matsuri -This fertility festival is celebrated every year on 3/15 in the town of Komaki. The highlight of the festival is the 2.5M (96 inch) Phallus statue carried on the parade route on a Mikoshi to Tagata Jinja shrine, which is said to date back 1500 years.

 Nagahama Taiko Hot Springs –This famous hot spring at the site of the Nagahama Castle is known for tourists and locals with infertility.

Hawaiian Fertility Sites/Festivals:

Phallic Rock- located in Molokai, is a 6 ft high phallus shaped rock that carries with it an interesting legend. Women flock to the site to leave pray and leave gifts in hopes to increase their chances for conceiving.

Philippine Fertility Festival:

Obando – This three day festival (May 17th-19th) in Obando on Bulacan includes a fertility dance ritual that asks the spirit of life to enter a women’s womb.

England Fertility Site:

Cerne Abbas Giant– this hillside carving of a naked man in Dorset, England has carried with it stories from locals and tourists across the globe, as an aid of fertility and becoming pregnant after visiting the site.

 Italian Fertility Site:

St. Mary Frances “Miracle Chair” in Naples Italy, is an armchair that people flock to from all over the world to ask for a fertility miracle, evidenced by the amount of thanks and birth announcements that adorn the site.

Australian Fertility Site:

Kununurra “fertility waters”- It is rumored that Nicole Kidman became pregnant after swimming in these waters, along with 6 others women.