Have you heard any of these old wives tales yet?

Moonstone- Moonstones are said to regulate ovulation, menstruation and to help to balance out emotions and aid in nurturing. Rose Quartz is used for love and fertility, while smokey quartz is said to increase fertility and even out sexual energy.  It is recommended to run them under cold water and picture all the negative energy accumulated from the stone being handled in the store, wash away. You are then supposed to charge it by leaving it on a windowsill in the sun or even better overnight in the moonlight. The directions state this works best with a full moon. After the stones are clean and charged they are meant to be carried with you throughout the day and that is supposedly the trick to get pregnant.

Baby Dance During a Full Moon- There is a lot of intrigue surrounding a woman’s menstrual cycle and the cycle of the moon, mostly because the cycles both take roughly the same amount of time. A menstrual cycle lasts 28 days on average and a lunar cycle lasts about 29 and a half days. Adding to that tale many people believe that they are most fertile when there is a full moon because of how it looks; big, round and glowing, similar to a pregnant woman’s belly.

Honey- Honey has a long standing reputation as a fertility booster. It is believed that ancient Egyptians offered honey to the God of Fertility, and it is known as the ultimate food of love.  Eating honey mixed with cinnamon will boost the blood to the reproductive organs, helping to improve them and get ready for conception to take place.

Rosemary- Rosemary has been valued for a long time for its power in aiding fertility and was often found woven into floral headbands of brides to assist the new couple with conceiving. Are headbands not your thing? Another tale on the power of rosemary is to wear rosemary in a pouch around your neck each time you have sex, and then place the pouch under the bed when you are in labor to help ease labor pains. Looking for another option for rosemary? Dilute rosemary oil into a gentler carrier oil and apply it to the area between your hipbones and around your pelvic area to reduce inflammation within the reproductive organs.

Fertility Goddess- Touch a fertility Goddess statue or figurine. By touching these figures, it’s symbolic to touching the gods themselves and that is believed to aid you in conceiving.

Rock an Empty Cradle- “If you rock the cradle empty, you will have babies plenty”, is an old Scottish rhyme. (Scotland)

Cutting Wedding Cake- A bride must cut the first piece of cake or she will have a childless marriage. This tale is from Ireland. (Ireland)

 Wedding Date- Old Scottish fishermen used to say that bad luck and infertility is brought to those who get married when the fish aren’t biting. (Scotland)

Water from a Blessed Water Well- In Ireland, a water well is a symbol of the feminine and is an entrance to the womb of a goddess. Drawing water from a well, blessed by a saint enhances fertility (Ireland)

Bride- The word bride is derived from the name St. Bridget who was the Christian version of the Irish goddess of fertility. (Ireland)

Hens for Fertility- Another Irish tale for fertility is that if a hen reproduced a lot and laid an abundance of eggs, it was tied to the bed of newlyweds on the first night in hopes that the hen’s fertility would be passed onto the couple. (Ireland)

Male Fertility- Macha is an Irish fertility goddess mainly connected with male virility (Ireland)

Honeymoon- The word honey moon originates from the times when the man captured his bride and hid her from her parents for one moon’s cycle, a month. During this time the couple drank an Irish mixture of honey and wine to increase fertility. The mixture is called Bunratty Meade. (Ireland)