© 2013 Rinovum Women's Health, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

© 2013 Rinovum Women’s Health, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

How does The Stork® work is one of the most frequent questions we get from many of you. What a great question! The Stork uses cervical cap insemination to aid in conception. Well now you might be asking “Well, what is cervical cap insemination”?

Cervical cap insemination has been used by healthcare providers for decades to help people with becoming pregnant. The Stork uses a similar technique adding a special applicator to place the cap near the cervix. The best part – all of this is done in the privacy of home.

The Stork has two main parts to it – the Conceptacle® and the applicator. The Conceptacle is used during natural intercourse, or alternatively with donor sperm, to collect the semen. The Conceptacle consists of a cervical cap inside of a condom-like sheath. Both of these items are made out of silicone, making them latex-free! The cap is taken out of the condom (careful, precious cargo inside!) then placed into the applicator.

The applicator allows for delivery of the cervical cap containing the semen to the cervical os. Once the semen has been collected, the cervical cap is placed onto the included applicator that cradles the cap, compressing it for ease of tracking into the vagina to the opening of the cervical os. The cervical cap allows the semen to stay close to the region that it needs to be near to swim up through to get to the egg

We have a great video on how-to-use The Stork on our website www.thestorkforwomen.com. The quick 2-minute video shows step-by-step the process of using the product. Click here for our how-to-use video: https://www.storkotc.com/index.php/using-the-stork