For many couples, the decision to try to have children and start a family is an exciting and treasured time. However, this decision can just as easily become a source of stress or frustration for couples that experience long-term difficulty getting pregnant. And while some methods and tools exist to assist those who need a little help getting pregnant, many of these aids are expensive and even invasive, making them an impractical and trying option for many couples. There is, however, good news for the one in six couples that struggle with infertility. For the first time, an over-the-counter conception aid – known as The Stork® OTC – is now available to anyone who wants to optimize their chances of conceiving a child in an easy, low stress, more natural way.

About The Stork® OTC

The Stork® OTC (known as The Stork in the UK and Canada) is an innovative, FDA cleared, over-the-counter medical device that’s designed to help couples conceive a child non-invasively. It also allows them to do so in the comfort and privacy of their own home, all through the use of a natural insemination technique called cervical cap insemination. How does it work? Quite simply: The Stork® OTC uses a condom‐like sheath to collect sperm and an applicator for tampon‐like application of the cervical cap, which helps to deliver the sperm to the cervical opening. That’s it!

Thanks to its easy-to-use design, The Stork® OTC can assist couples in overcoming several major conception barriers. The technique used by The Stork OTC, known as cervical cap insemination, is especially helpful in preventing the backflow of semen into the vagina and in buffering weaker or lower sperm counts from a sub-optimal vaginal environment. And because The Stork® OTC addresses common fertility issues such as these, it’s a great alternative for couples who aren’t able to undergo – or who aren’t comfortable with undergoing – more invasive conception and fertility procedures.

How To Use The Stork® OTC

One reason The Stork® OTC is so easy to use is because it only consists of two main parts: the Conceptacle® and the applicator. The Conceptacle® consists of a cervical cap that is inside of a “condom‐like” sheath made out of silicone. The applicator, used separately from the Conceptacle®, allows a woman to easily place the cervical cap in place at her cervix, helping the sperm within the cap bypass traveling through the vaginal canal. Instead, the sperm can enter the cervical canal directly, and – if timed correctly – may swim up to and fertilize an egg, resulting in a successful conception.

Here’s a simple three-step overview of how couples would go about using The Stork® OTC to help in their efforts to become pregnant:

Step One: Prepare the cervical cap for use. Before placing the cervical cap over a woman’s cervix, couples will need to use the Conceptacle® to collect and hold the sperm needed for conception during intercourse.* Once the required semen is collected, the couple can take the sheath off of the Conceptacle and then remove the cervical cap that is located at the bottom of the Conceptacle® . This process will be much like rolling a condom off after intercourse.

*In the event that you are using donor sperm, there are also directions available with The Stork® OTC to guide couples that want to use the device for this process.

Step Two: Place the cervical cap at the cervix. Once the required sperm has been collected for use, the woman who is aiming to become pregnant should place the cervical cap into the applicator part of The Stork® OTC. She will then use the applicator to insert the cap into the vagina and up to the opening of the cervix.

Step Three: Remember to remove the cap. Just like a tampon, the woman can carry on with her regular daily activities while the cervical cap is in place. The cervical cap should be left next to the cervix for 4 – 6 hours, and then removed using a tampon‐like pull string.

Want to see a more in-depth explanation of how a couple would use The Stork® OTC? This video offers a step-by-step guide, with visual guidelines:

Stop Worrying And Keep Trying With The Stork® OTC

If you and your partner are ready to begin your family, and you’ve been experiencing any difficulty getting pregnant, The Stork® OTC may be the helping hand that you need. Before considering more expensive and invasive conception procedures, consider using The Stork® OTC, which will allow you to easily work towards conception within the privacy and comfort of your home. And if you find that you have any questions about using The Stork® OTC, you can always visit our website and send us a message using the “Leave A Message” form at the bottom of our website.