We’re excited to announce we have lowered the price of
the Stork OTC device, to hear why…

Stork OTC Price Reduction Announcement

We created the Stork OTC home conception device as an option for women and couples to try before attempting assisted reproductive treatments, and to bridge the gap between natural intercourse and fertility treatments. Our goal is to make The Stork OTC accessible and affordable so that you can assist your chances of becoming pregnant by using the clinically proven technique of cervical cap insemination. This technology was once only available at a doctor’s office – The Stork OTC can be used within the privacy and comfort of your home and at a much lower cost. The Stork OTC is an option that goes beyond basic ovulation tracking and lets you TAKE BACK CONTROL of your journey.

To align better with our mission statement to provide an affordable solution that aids in conception, as well as a reliable, quality product, we’re lowering the price of our Stork OTC home conception device. We’re excited to present our customers with manufacturing improvements that allow us to offer the Stork OTC at a 25% less.

Trying to get pregnant is challenging enough without having to worry about the costs. Take the next step towards conception with The Stork OTC.


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How The Stork® OTC Works.

The Stork® OTC is the only conception device FDA cleared over-the-counter for use at home that is designed to help you with becoming pregnant during your fertile window.

The Stork® OTC includes two familiar elements: a cervical cap inside of a condom-like sheath (the Conceptacle®) used to collect the sperm and an applicator device (the applicator) used to place the cap (similar to the delivery of a tampon).

After collecting the semen in the cap, the applicator efficiently and easily places it near the woman’s cervix. The cap stays in place, keeping the sperm where it needs to be, for up to six hours, while the woman continues her normal routine, then is easily removed with the attached cord, similar to tampon removal.

The Stork OTC Device